Double up your dating

Posted by / 19-Feb-2020 20:54

Double up your dating

You might worry that you won’t be attractive enough or witty enough.

People who worry that they’re not good enough often have a self-critical, harsh inner voice.

To counter this, start by tracking your thoughts for a day.

Label your thoughts as “judgment”, “critical” or “harsh” when you notice these kinds of thoughts. It’s natural to seek validation from others, but the only way you can be truly free of needing approval from others is to be enough for yourself.

And lastly, the next thing to do is practice dating; the more you expose yourself to dates, the more you get to practice your dating skills like flirting, listening, sharing, and having good conversations.

The first thing to recognize is that these snafus can happen and it’s not going to make or break your date.

You can also try using acceptance to deal with embarrassment.

This worry can be distracting and take you away from engaging with your date.

While your instinct might be to monitor yourself to see if the symptom is getting worse (Am I blushing? ), the fact is that monitoring your symptoms closely tends to make them worse.

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