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Take a look at the fascinating history of the Amazon Kindle – not only devices, but also ebooks, and services.The Kindle would not exist without the print book, not only in general meaning but the one more specific, and referring to the company which created it.When reading from a paper book, by contrast, our brains switch to a more concentrated form of information processing – dubbed 'deep reading' – and it's a mode that actually helps us better absorb and comprehend what's on the page.To us, that sounds like a great argument for giving books their own space, away from the distractions of apps and constant notifications on our modern do-all devices.It looks outdated compared to other mobile devices of that time.But it beautifully serves the purpose it was designed for: read books conveniently and without any distractions.Even for the most ravenous of book lovers, dedicated ebook readers can be a fairly easy idea to dismiss.After all, if you've got a modern big-screen smartphone or a tablet, it's dead simple to just download Amazon's Kindle app to get your ebook fix.

Without this single book order, which ignited Amazon’s giant machinery, and without millions of books sold in the next twelve years, we would most probably not see the first Kindle at all. And by “Kindle” we mean the entire Kindle world, not only devices.Compare the two side-by-side and it’s immediately apparent that the Kobo's build quality isn’t as premium as on its Kindle counterpart.In place of the Oasis’s slick aluminium chassis (which gives it a somewhat i Pad-like exterior) the Forma has opted for a more standard soft-touch plastic casing that's dimpled on the back side.But while the Oasis’ metal exterior certainly feels more durable, it's also much more slippery.The Forma's rubbery and textured back, on the other hand, means that despite its bigger size your grip never wavers and its bigger footprint helps keep that weight feel more evenly distributed.

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Kindle 1 has an internal storage of 250 MB, which is enough for 200 medium-length books. The battery has to be recharged every other day if the wireless connectivity is turned on.

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