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Doubleyourdating pdf password

I would listen to this painfully simple, skinny, mumbling, messy, baby-faced guy say what seemed like the most random, irrelevant thing to a beautiful woman…

and then watch her entire body and face light up the way a kitten suddenly purrs with pleasure when it just feels good from the inside out. and watching this guy - who was almost like my twin brother - effortlessly living and creating everything I’d ever wanted with women?

In fact, for the first time in my life, THEY were pursuing ME!Decker used to have the exact same “chronic” problems with women that I did, but…While most guys were trying to figure out what they should “DO” to have women be attracted to them, Decker had naturally discovered how to “BE.” In other words, Decker had discovered how to “be himself” in such an authentic and comfortable way that it literally created a “vacuum” of attention from everyone, especially women… In fact, Decker soon realized that he didn’t even have to “DO” anything other than just “show up” and interact to to him.and for the life of me, I just couldn’t figure it out. Growing up, I spent most of my early life buried in fantasy novels, Dungeons and Dragons and video games.I was so desperately clueless about women that I thought it was normal to feel waves of panic and have my mind go blank whenever I was around them.

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And as the results kept getting better, Decker and I realized we had tapped into something HUGE.

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