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I feel like a mysterious part of me and things to come is unfolding, with your assistance." Elevated Woman Trainings Dunja: "An interesting thing happened after the last training with the High Priestess.In the meditation I envisioned myself bursting with energy blowing away a man I had been dating, who had been keeping me in the dark for 2 weeks.It’s felt so nice.” Elevated Woman Trainings Cyndie: "Thank you so much for the Level 2 Training. My relationship with a man I have been dating for five years recently ended and my heart is so sorry...But now I can look at the whole thing in a different way.

I have helped hundreds of women reconnect with their body wisdom, intuition, and divine feminine potential to attract love, abundance, and wellness that reflects the truth worth and value of the feminine principle.

Sara: "These Activations are so very powerful and I'm growing a lot through them!

After today's Activation, I literally had about 8 guys contact me.

Your confidence is unshakeable as it is sourced from within.

You value yourself and embrace your power unapologetically.

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You are beginning to see your value as an individual at a whole new level.