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Elucidating structure

Some of the dodecamers pack in the crystal lattice to form annular porelike assemblies.Some of the β-hairpin mimics and triangular trimers assemble in solution to form oligomers that recapitulate the crystallographically observed oligomers.While this problem is acutely relevant in donor-acceptor blends for photovoltaic applications where the bulk heterojunction morphology is well-known to play a critical role in device performance, charge transport through crystalline-amorphous microstructures and in semiconductor-insulator blends for flexible transistors share similar physical characteristics.In this presentation, we will introduce a unique approach to developing structure-property relationships for charge transport in these systems using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations with material morphologies derived from spectroscopic transmission electron microscope tomography.This hierarchical assembly provides a model, in which full-length Aβ transitions from an unfolded monomer to a folded β-hairpin, which assembles to form oligomers that further pack to form an annular pore.This model may provide a better understanding of the molecular basis of Alzheimer’s disease at atomic resolution.An N-methyl group is installed on one of the β-strands to prevent uncontrolled aggregation.

Amyloid fibrils generally consist of extended networks of parallel β-sheets.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.A detailed understanding of how materials structure on the nano- to meso-scale affects long-range charge transport behavior is needed to refine design rules for organic electronic devices.These oligomers exhibit toxicity toward neuronally derived cells, recapitulating the toxicity of the oligomers formed by full-length amyloidogenic peptides and proteins.These findings are significant, because they address a gap in understanding the molecular basis of amyloid diseases.

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Our studies have revealed a previously undiscovered mode of self-assembly, whereby three Aβ β-hairpin mimics assemble to form a triangular trimer.

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