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Essay in accommodating

The accommodation simply helps her work around her challenges.

This is what makes accommodations different from modifications.

A modification changes your child is expected to know or learn.

In American history, for instance, a modification may be that a child only needs to learn half of the material in the textbook.

Also, if your child gets accommodations on state tests, it’s important for her to use them regularly in class.

This helps her get familiar with the accommodations.

The bigger challenge is choosing the right accommodations and keeping track of which ones are most helpful.

If an accommodation is in place, but your child isn’t using it, find out why.

To ensure that all our students’ receive quality and equal education policies and teacher practices must be inclusive of all learners.Accommodations work best when they target a specific barrier or challenge.For instance, for the child who can’t sit still to do math, an accommodation may be frequent breaks.The barriers that students’ with disabilities face are evident in today’s public school education.We as educators sometimes ignore the capabilities of some of our disabled students’ and impede them from achieving their fullest potential.

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