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About the same size as France, Spain and Portugal thrown together, Ethiopia has a population of nearly 90 million, three-and-a-half million of whom live in the capital, Addis Ababa, which is located more or less slap bang in the centre of the country.Home to more than ten different ethnic groups, the country also features a diverse range of languages, while the most widely spoken foreign language happens to be English.This is the Capital of Ethiopia, is ‘tourist-friendly’, quickly developing with skyscrapers and businesses alike left and right, and has a strong population density—aka, lots of prospective single Ethiopian women!

These women are, by nature, very adventurous, hard-working, and modest individuals.

Because of the wide variation of ethnicity, there is also quite a wide range of religions, though back in the fourth century Christianity was chosen as the official teaching.

Nowadays, the country is split between two main religions – Christianity, which includes Ethiopian Orthodoxy, Protestant and Catholic faiths; and Islam, which is followed by about a third of the nation’s population.

Ethiopian women tend to be anything but materialistic, but they do however tend to be very sentimental—so don’t be afraid to take your Ethiopian love on a romantic date somewhere special (it’s not all about the money or cost), make something for her by hand, or bring a special gift for her family—very nice way to introduce yourself and give a positively desirable first impression.

Lastly, Ethiopian women are conservative by nature.

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Ethiopia is very old and once used to be the centre of the world, for it is from here that Homo sapiens migrated to the Middle East around 200,000 years ago. To the south lies Kenya, while the western side of the country borders the Sudan.

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