Etrade speed dating super bowl commercial

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Etrade speed dating super bowl commercial

This commercial makes the list because it shows why Ricky Gervais is funny along with a side that many people haven't really seen from him. Bud Light is notorious for having good commercials at the Super Bowl, and this one doesn't disappoint. Many people still watched the game for the football. The NFL decided to put out their own commercial promoting their own game on its biggest stage.

After adopting a rescuer dog, the partiers learn that his name is "Wego." While it is a strange name when they say "Here Wego," the dog immediately goes and grabs a Bud Light for whomever is calling him. The commercial goes through how football generally evolved from when the game first started to becoming the game that it is now.

E-Trade- Ive always been e trade commercials speed dating fan of the e-trade baby commercials.

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Ironically, it was Grey’s client that saw the ad as having the potential to be a long-term campaign.bodyaa:visited.lrh1h2.img-responsive.rseakrch.btn-primary.btn-danger.btn-success.helpbutton.containerdiv.cornerimage.share.janu2publisher.infotexttctextt.ex2.playvideo.playvideo iframe,.video-container object,.video-container embed#namanyay-search-btn#namanyay-search-box. You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.The commercial uses many connections to the movie, like the man wearing the Red Wings jersey on the roller coaster, and the valet taking his CR-V out for a spin.Overall, good commercial, but not enough to make the cut.

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Like many of the Super Bowl commercials, this one uses comedy to promote the product—in this case, the new Acura NSX.

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