Evening standard newspaper dating

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Evening standard newspaper dating

He doesn’t seem to mind that people think he is gay when he says he isn’t.

He laughs at that ‘two beards’ nickname, ’s allusion to his alleged closeted homosexuality — though one of his former employees suggests that he might not understand exactly what the name means.

It’s said he once took up something called the Dolls’ House Diet, which involved eating from a tiny plate using miniature cutlery. Some of us have a weakness for taxis; Evgeny has a weakness for jets.

One of his ex-employees (he has a high staff turnover) says that he orders private flights and cancels them on a whim.

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‘Sometimes he changes his mind about where he wants to land mid-flight,’ he says. The same ex-employee says that once, when preparing for a party at one of his two palatial homes in Italy, Evgeny decided he wanted to wear a shirt he had left in London.

He’s a young man who has everything but is always hankering for more.

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Boris Johnson says that he is ‘a major force for good’ and ‘a very generous soul’.

And Boris’s sister Rachel calls him ‘a wise old beard (or two) on young shoulders.

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Piers Morgan says that he is ‘one of the most charming, well-connected, exotically attired and fascinating figures in English society right now’.

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