Excel screenupdating false not working

Posted by / 15-Oct-2019 18:00

One sheet is the user entry sheet called User Entry Screen.

Is there anyway i can prevent this from happening as im trying to use excel to view stats on a display screen?I can close it only with the task manager but when I open it again, the cursor is still stuck in the highlighting mode and won't perform any other functions.Do you think this is a problem with my computer, the excel program? Is there some shortcut to turn off this highlight feature other than restarting my computer. Thanks for any advice, I have workbook in which I want to save a specific worksheet to a new file with only the values saved - all data in this worksheet are references to cells on another worksheet, which is using VLOOKUP to pull data from a database.Found the following code and it gets me close, but it copies the cell references, not the values.It also allows me to specify the file name from a cell reference.

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Hi All, Random question i have a large Excel Workbook (which is protected) and has over five sheets on it - however one sheet has randomly decided not to scroll... If i use the cursor and down arrows the selection just disappears off the screen. I want to prevent people cutting/copy/pasting on a spreadsheet I have developed.

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