Exchange 2016 task request not updating

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Exchange 2016 task request not updating

The next step is to set a domain for Share Point and configure its address space.

By default, an address space is in server_name.domain_name format, which would be local for this lab.

In Share Point Central Administration go to System Settings Now go to the Directory Management Service. Next, set the SMTP address space (the domain) and point to the drop directory from which Share Point will get emails to the libraries. Now you can go to the next step – creating mail-enabled libraries.

This part of the configuration is connected with automatic AD contacts creation, which takes place when a mail-enabled library is created. Now that your Share Point is ready to receive emails, you can finally configure a mail-enabled library.

That is it – from the administrator’s point of view.

Now users (and admins alike) can configure alerts according to their preferences.

I divided the required tasks into the following sections: This step is required so that Share Point can automatically create SMTP aliases.In the Server Manager go to Add Roles and Features Wizard and from the available options choose SMTP Server.Next, go to tab and change the SMTP service startup type to Automatic.To show you it is not the only option; I will use a custom domain, that is sharepoint.library.Now, go back to the IIS 6.0 Manager and open the Domains section.

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As a result, every time a library is configured to be mail-enabled, it will appear automatically in every Exchange Address Book, without the need to add anything manually.