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Figurine dating

For these reasons I have been reluctant to communicate to you the results obtained…I think we must consider the measured ages only as apparent ages giving a lower limit to the real age.”C datings were carried out on bones, again from the Mousterian layer that gave the "mask".

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It is based on four criteria: the similar length of the bone fragment on either side of the rocky bridge of the supporting block; the blocking the bone fragment inside the natural hole of the supporting block using small stone plaques neatly visible on the object and on its tomography; the removal of flakes on each of the two faces of the block to create a better symmetry of the object; the straightening of the two ridges in the "lower" part of the object by crushing (the vocabulary used here results from the It seems difficult to deny the symbolic characteristic of this production that was discovered within the Mousterian layer. d'Errico (Nicoud 2004) that the object could have been used as a weight for stretching a hanging does not hold because of the very small mass of the object (299 g) that does seem as complete today as when it was abandoned in the sandy layer. Pettitt (2003) that this object could be the result of a child's play does not seem to be suitable either because if the first two characterization criteria could correspond to this possibility (balance and wedging), on the other hand it does not seem to us that the last two can enter this context (search for symmetry and regularity).

very old datings, on most materials, are unreliable.

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"Cultic artifacts, installations and their contextual associations attest to intensive ritual practices in the area," says Prof. Burials at the site now total at least 65 individuals, and display an unusual demographic profile – with an emphasis on young adult males.