Foxcat dating

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Foxcat dating

Hair Colour: Dark Gray Hair Style: Has bangs that sweep over to her right eye.

Fur Colour: Light gray Eye colour: Light blue Relatives: Friends: Arrow the Hedgehog (Formerly), Ariel the Hedgehog, Ashlynn "Lyn" the Cat, Autumn the Fox Love Interest: Alan the Hedgehog (Boyfriend), Arrow the Hedgehog (Small crush) Neutral: Rivals: Enemies: Arrow the Hedgehog, Ana the Rabbit Sylvia and Alan are dating/ just hanging out in school.

- Much to her annoyance, Sylvia is often at first glance mistaken to be a fox; as she has the same features.

"The thirteen year old pigtailed boy stopped short and twisted around to find a familiar blond ninja stepping out of a side street. " The Genin picked up his pace and covered the remaining few feet to his new friend. ""Headin' out to meet ol' Cyclops." Ranma smiled at Naruto, whose face immediately took on a puzzled countenance with the statement. The pigtailed boy banished the thoughts as he followed his blond counterpart into a clearing. No fiancées, no rivals, no parents, no arranged marriages, no manly obligations… Ranma's eyes focused on the pink haired girl and black haired boy at the other end of the field.

Obviously it wasn't locked, as the water based trigger still worked as advertised, but now he seemed to shift at random. So far the shifting didn't appear to be nearly as common as the water attractant element of his curse, and if could predict the shifting with some degree of accuracy, could even make allowances for it in ways he never could with the water trigger. Today, he began lessons, starting with the one eyed ninja. " The blond's curious expression turned into a feral grin. "Ranma shrugged and the food cart fell behind the pair as they turned off the main road and on to a backstreet that led into a forest trail away from town.

That either meant another trigger was involved or the old man was right; the sealing had done something to destabilize the Jusenkyo magic. wasn't a pretty thought, as the last thing he needed was to go around changing genders at random. After that, it was Naruto's old teacher for lessons in Chakra. " The two boys stopped and stared at one another for a moment, then continued their walk toward what appeared to be a mutual destination. It was a nice day for new techniques, Ranma noted, taking in the cloud spackled blue sky and slight breeze.

It was, as usual, the curse that was now his main source of woe. " His friend smacked a fist into the other open hand. Both teens rounded another corner and continued down the street, Naruto's stomach growling the entire time. He had gotten a breakfast off the vouchers the Hokage guy was loaning him until he could get stabilized in the village.

Since the sealing he had been shifting at random, twice back to his female aspect and surprisingly once back to his male aspect. " Of course, the first images the name conjured in Ranma's mind were that of a cowardly rat face ninja. Didn't sound like Naruto was quite as fortunate this morning. "Naruto looked longingly at a fishball stand they were passing on the edge of town, but steeled himself, taking up a determined stride away from it. Kakashi-sensei said not to eat and I'm not gonna eat!

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Da Capo lies on the other end of the scale, and only has a single important catgirl character, with a couple episodes being dedicated to her.

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  1. I also had a lot of friends who couldn't believe how dumb I was — didn't I remember how difficult it was to get a guy to commit at age 24? Of course, I didn't "go through that again," and five years into our relationship, no one really gives a sh*t about how old either of us are.