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Posted by / 16-Jun-2020 04:07

Also, predators will sometimes do research and get information from social media profiles to establish trust, so it may seem like they know you, but they don't.

This is also a good reason for teens to think about their digital footprints and the pieces of themselves they share online.

: Online predators will often feel out a situation before asking for more information.

They can sound like girls, act like girls, even send a photo! This is very helpful advice because it is so easy to run into creepers online in the time we live in.

And while it's nice to be polite if someone knows you in real life, you don't have to be nice if they aren't respecting your limits.

It's better to block than to be nice and better to be safe than to be sweet.

Anything you share with them keeps the conversation going; it doesn't help end it.

Sometimes they'll say they already have something embarrassing to blackmail someone into sending pictures (sometimes called "sextortion"), but sending more never stops the harassment; it only increases it.

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As parents we know this takes a lot of repetition, usually until our kids roll their eyes and say, "I KNOW!