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Frizzle dating

Scholastic Entertainment president Deborah Forte said that adapting the books into an animated series was an opportunity to help kids "learn about science in a fun way". Within the episodes, there were also time points where the episode fades out and then fades back in after a series of commercials are shown.

On non-commercial networks, VHS, and DVD releases the scene immediately fades back in right after it fades out as no commercials are shown.

In the United States, The Magic School Bus originally aired on PBS as a part of its children's block, PTV, through South Carolina's SCETV network; it was the first fully animated series to be aired on PBS.

The last episode aired on December 6, 1997; the series then aired reruns on PBS until 1998.

On the PBS version, the show was funded by the National Science Foundation, Microsoft Home, the US Department of Energy, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the annual financial support from the viewers/stations of PBS.

The show was close-captioned by the National Captioning Institute when it aired on PBS.

• Lisa Yamanaka as Wanda Li, a tough Chinese-American tomboy and the youngest member of the class.

Stu Stone, who voiced Ralphie Tennelli during the four seasons produced for the original series, has already said he's making a comeback.

As for what to expect from the rest of the series, Netflix is being unusually quiet about this series revival.

• Daniel De Santo as Carlos Ramon, a Hispanic-American class clown.

• Tara Meyer as Dorothy Ann Rourke, the class bookworm. • Stuart Stone as Ralphie Tennelli, an Italian-American class athlete.

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The Magic School Bus is a Canadian-American Weekday morning animated children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen.

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