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Directly off Woodland Leathers' website it would be 0 AUD delivered to Australia. I can't even get a phone protector shipped across Sydney in that time.I was looking around reseller sites, and could save a little, but then there was extreme delivery costs. I'm pretty sure my praise should really be directly to Woodland Leathers and DHL as opposed to Fruugo, as Fruugo just act as an intermediary between supplier and customer. I purchased a Canon Scanner 9000F Mark II from Fruugo's online shop.You can even find a few all-purpose inkjets whose output rivals photo printers meant for professional photographers.If you're looking for a home printer to output mainly photos, but also be capable of printing a range of other document types, you will definitely want an inkjet.I just happened to google it a week later, and found the bag on the Fruugo website. But at the price point, I have no idea how such a haircut was done. I've been chasing one of these discontinued scanners for a while and just couldn't source one new in Australia for love or money.Did some quick research and got nervous, as there were a number of "failed to deliver" reviews. The price was fairly high for a discontinued product although just under the RRP, but fairly simply, I wanted one. I received email advice from Fruugo on 8 January 2019 to say that the scanner had been shipped by Conrad Electronic International from Austria.

There are even inkjets designed for mobile printing, complete with batteries.You can count on almost any inkjet to print graphics good enough for both internal business use (like printing Power Point handouts) and home tasks (like producing party invitations).If you choose carefully, you can have output quality that would please a graphic artist. Ink tends to bleed into plain paper, which makes it difficult to print text with the fully professional look you'd want for documents like a résumé or a business proposal.Here, we'll explore the different types of inkjets, and highlight some key features to look for when shopping for one.With so many models to choose from, it's helpful to determine just what you want to do with the printer before you start shopping.


Some inkjets are meant for home use, a few are aimed at offices, and others are good for dual use in a home and home office.