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No, nothing in the Bible and nothing Jesus said during His earthly ministry indicates that loving someone of the same sex is sinful. or we could justify any sin in the bible and say no it really dosent mean what it just continue to live a delusional life in sin.Many churches and many Christians contradict my statement above because they misinterpret a few verses of the Bible which, when taken out of context, seem to say that its wrong for two men to have a sexual relationship. Rick's comment: Hi Scott - Is it possible you are skimming instead of reading this website carefully so you will understand what we believe?Maybe you love being outside in the great outdoors and are searching for someone similarly adventurous?

Neither interest automatically indicates a woman is a lesbian or a man is gay.

I have read the bible lots of times and it didn’t mention same sex relationships.

Yet again I could be wrong I asked many people this question and heard different answers.

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