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People have also asked if my next relationship will be poly.I am not sure how to answer this question because to me poly is not just a type of relationship, but a way of being.Focusing on and handling each relationship individually should mediate most of these issues.One note on the last sentence – I believe it is healthy to spend a fair amount of time reflecting/processing after a relationship ends.I preface this with the fact these are just my opinions, but I have talked to many that feel the same way.Tips for dating I recently noticed an interesting fact about polyamory is never having to be single.

Another risk is using the ease of falling into a new relationship to avoid handling issues in a current relationship that may have a chance of survival if addressed.

Every part of the relationship was incredible, nothing they could do bothered you, and you wanted to be with them every minute of every day?

Then remember that same person driving you absolutely crazy shortly thereafter?

People often call this “getting back in balance” or “re-establishing myself as just me.” Despite popular belief, I believe this can be done while dating or in a relationship.

I believe few people understand how to request their “me” time when there is NRE.

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