Gedrick dating

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Gedrick dating

That video was immediately posted to Youtube and sent to the media with her press releases on the lawsuit.

She claims Rodrick is the operator of a political blog site, the Ocean County Chronicle. Gedrich never had a job with the township, but she lied on Facebook, claiming she does.

None of Gedrich’s accusations against Rodrick are making sense.

Rodrick said at this point, he will not countersue Gedrich for false allegations, but it could be an option in the future.

Gedrich is not employed by the township, Ducey said.

Salonis was eventually whisked away to a another politically appointed job in Carteret where he now serves as the borough’s media spokesperson. “I did NOT speak to any coworker or anyone at all about Mr.

In the lawsuit, Gedrich does not say exactly who Salonis told…or who told her, but she claims Salonis was the source of the information she used to file a lawsuit. Rodrick owning any website and the lawsuit is completely frivolous,” Salonis, a fellow Democrat operative said to the Brick Shorebeat.

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“I’m not a litigious person,” Rodrick said, but added that he has not completely ruled it out yet.