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Google is not raising your rates for the new service; whatever your price was when you signed up for Google Play Music will continue to be your price after You Tube Music replaces it.If you still pay /month for Google Play Music, you'll keep paying /month when Google Play Music is retired for You Tube Music.Google Play Music is a streaming service that allows users to stream up to 50,000 of their own songs for free across most platforms, in addition to allowing free users to listen to curated stations and paid users to stream up to 40 million songs in their streaming library.It's an app with a lot of functions, so finding your way around can be a bit of a task.We’re aware of an issue that prevented podcasts from appearing in the Google Podcasts app for beta users of the Google Search app.While there are many apps that stream music, and stream it well, Google Play Music is Google's tentpole music service, and as such is an app that comes on millions and millions of devices.Downloading and uploading music in Google Play Music No service is perfect, but if anyone tries to tell you Google Play Music is, give them a firm smack on the arm, because they're either lying or delusional.Google Play Music has more than a few flaws that need fixing, from a skewed device policy to an outdated and clunky UI.

Fixing Google Play Music You Tube Music will eventually be replacing Google Play Music, but nothing's stopping you from picking up the app and trying it out right now!

I rebuilt a chunk of my library in You Tube Music and have been slowly building it out between discovering songs through Your Mixtape and adding music when I get a craving for it.

If you don't want to rebuild the library — or worry about merging them down the line — then be patient and keep using Google Play Music for now.

There's a lot that still has to happen, and I personally doubt that Google Play Music will shut down before 2020.

Artist Hub, the mechanism that indie artists used to manage and distribute their songs through the Google Play Music subscription catalog and Google Play Store, was shut down April 30.

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Users on Google Play help forums and Reddit are sharing their experiences, and some have been unable to access new episodes on their Google Podcasts app for up to a week.

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