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In the early years of the 17th century, Emperor Jahangir of India kept a harem that included a thousand young men.

All of which really put the famed 72-virgin heavenly harems earned by martyrs in the shade.

Christianity frowns upon multiple wives and extramarital sex and, thus, Christian monarchs have restrained themselves to mistresses drawn largely from the pool of women that helped make up the royal courts of Europe.

But even the Bible has its share of sexually greedy monarchs.

Harems take money to maintain and power to acquire.

From an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense that powerful men, like Genghis Khan, took the most beautiful women from captured nations and placed them in his harem.

The harem—as opposed to polygamy or run-of-the-mill adultery—almost exclusively involves the wealthy and powerful.

The most famous example is the Grand Seraglio of the Ottoman Sultans.

What all of these men have in common (apart from voracious sexual appetites) is their social status and power.And, thus, the ultimate goal for the concubine was to rise to the status of wife, father the heir, and rule the harem.Putting aside romance, this is very much about status and validation.The important distinction, even within the harem, is between concubines and wives.It’s the latter that provided legal offspring for the purposes of inheritance.

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