Gv n580so 15i bios not updating love cats online dating video

Posted by / 03-Sep-2020 13:48

Just picked one up for 5 including shipping from America.

If ya want extra bells and whistles as well as insane OCability and excellent cooling this thing can't be beaten for the bucks!

Having said all that I got my SOC for 5 (special deal from my local PC shop), so I never really had to decide between the two.

My vote is for the MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition.

I even changed the Lightning's BIOS and raised the SW OC limit to 1.21, still wouldn't budge higher.However, if it's more the power consumption and heat that you're worried about then the ASUS Direct CU II is definitely the best.As for overclocked cards, don't bother paying more for a tiny factory overclock as you can overclock a standard 580 with MSI Afterburner without paying a cent.Someone overclocked their Asus card to 1519MHz core clock on liquid nitrogen (though it isn't really relevant I just thought it was interesting : P).It's personal preference, but I for one would prefer the cooler temperatures and lower noise levels, even if I am (potentially, arguably not) sacrificing a few MHz.

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