Hacked adult dating site logins and passwords

Posted by / 18-Nov-2019 13:58

Attackers also commonly use social engineering tricks to access your accounts.

If an attacker was capable of getting into an online account just by guessing passwords, it’s likely that the password was something obvious that could be guessed on the first few tries, such as “password” or the name of the person’s pet.People who say their accounts have been “hacked” are likely guilty of re-using passwords, installing a key logger, or giving their credentials to an attacker after social engineering tricks.They may also have been compromised as a result of easily guessed security questions.If you take proper security precautions, it won’t be easy to “hack” your accounts.Using two-factor authentication can help, too — an attacker will need more than just your password to get in.

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For this reason, you should secure your email account as much as possible.

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