Hlstatsx not updating

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Hlstatsx not updating

The zip or tar file you have first needs to be decompressed on windows you can right click on the file and extract. If you are running Sourcemod on your servers then you need to go into the Sourcemod folder and add the plugin to your server. 만약에 Sourcemod (소스모드) 를 사용하고 있다면 여러분은 sourcemod 폴더와 플러그인을 여러분의 서버에 추가해야 합니다. The last folder you need to have upload is the scripts folder, most of the time you are going to want the scripts AKA: Damon folder on the same server as the database, in 90% of cases this is going to be the website.For Linux you can type the following 다운받은 Zip 또는 Tar 파일은 압축을 해제해 줄 필요가 있습니다. For this folder it is extra important that people can not access this from the website.Diese Anleitung beruht auf der Beschreibung des Forenmitglieds AXELB.Die Diskussion zum Thema kann im Forum verfolgt werden Hlstats X ist ein Stats Tracking System für Games wie Counter-Strike: Source sowie allen anderen der Half Life 2 Engine.IE do not put it in the folder where you can see it in your browser. Now we need to import the database, For this i am going to be showing the command line way for linux and windows, Thre are many GUI tools such as php My Admin and Navicat But because those require extra setup i will not be covering them.If you are running Cpanel you can also use this to import your DB instructions for that are here If you see any errors here STOP and go back.The only time I've ever had any games refuse to update, it was because I had just reinstalled windows (my Steam directory is on a separate drive) and when I reinstalled steam, it strangely set everything to "do not keep this game updated". I have uninstalled and reinstalled steam twice, and I tried uninstalling TF2 but steam still says that I have the game on my mac.

Den Webordner kopieren wir nun auf die Syno in den Webserver Ordner. Zusätzlich könnt Ihr auch einen eigenen User für diese Datenbank anlegen. Als letztes müsst Ihr dann noch die im web Verzeichniss abändern.

However if the path begins // with none of these constructs, PHP will search your // include_path (as set in php.ini) (probably NOT the current // directory as might be expected! // Example paths: // 1) /usr/local/apache/hlstatsinc // (absolute path) // 2) ../hlstatsinc // -) ./hlstatsinc // (paths relative to hlstats.php) // 3) hlstats/include // (path relative to include_path) // Under Windows, make sure you use forward slash (/) instead // of back slash (\).

define("INCLUDE_PATH", ""); // DELETEDAYS - How many days the Event History covers. define("DELETEDAYS", 21); // MINACTIVITY - How many days players remain in the ranking without playing.

define("SHOW_SERVER_LOAD_IMAGE", 1); // Defines if chat logging should be saved in the database define ("LOG_CHAT", 0); // Show country flags for players.

// Need to communicate with the masterserver to retrieve countries.

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Nicht jeder von euch denk ich mal wird das brauchen aber was es gibt das gibt es halt ;-).