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Hot dating room

And knowing you have 48 hours to fill gives you a steady stream of topics to cover as you plan your next move — i.e., would you rather have In ‘n Out for dinner, or head to The Mission for tacos?

Which is how I ended up embarking on not one, but two destination dates last month: the first with a complete stranger named Josh* (who — spoiler alert!

Some are designed to help you connect with locals while exploring a new city; others are good for finding fellow vagabonds to sync up with on your next adventure.

Your call.bigger commitment than dinner and drinks.

The icing on the cake would be if snow started to fall—come winter, there’s a pretty good chance of that.

In Courchevel, part of the world’s biggest ski area, Trois Vallées, Hotel le Saint Roch has awe-inspiring alpine views but the artful indoor setting for its warm wading pool is equally impressive—a spectacular sculpture of spheres hangs above.

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If you’re meeting a person at a far-away destination, be sure to touch base with the hotel staff in advance to ensure they’ve got your information (and I’d strongly recommend getting separate rooms).

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