How long has chris brown and rihanna been dating grootste belgische datingsite

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How long has chris brown and rihanna been dating

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"It was a weird, confusing space to be in, because as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help," Rihanna told Oprah Winfrey on a 2012 edition of OWN's . Nobody's gonna say he needs help."Because despite his inexcusable actions, Brown was still her best friend, someone she cared deeply about and she knew that few people were in his corner.

"Everybody's gonna say he's a monster without looking at the source.

Photos, later leaked by a person Rihanna would describe to as "a very nasty woman who thought a check was more important than morals," showed the extent of the damage and a police report filled in the rest.

Brown's rage had been relentless: he had punched her repeatedly in the face and arm, even biting her ear all while manuevering their rental down the street.

And with each slated to perform at the 2009 Grammys Feb. Exactly 10 years ago today, the music world and pop culture enthusiasts everywhere awoke to the news that neither would be donning their red carpet finery that evening.

"She starts going off, she throws the phone," he said in . "From there she just spit in my face," Brown continued. Using an officer's cell, a frantic Rihanna placed phone calls to her manager, personal assistant and two other people, a source told E! County domestic-abuse counselor and by early March, Brown (who released a statement insisting he was "seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person") had been charged with two felony counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury and making a criminal threat.With the car stopped, he put her in a headlock causing her to slowly lose consciousness as she struggled to break free.At one point, according to the police report, he even threatened to kill her. "I felt like a f--king monster."His fall felt as sudden as it was sharp, but their relationship had actually been on the decline for some time. From there, it just went downhill because there were too many verbal fights, physical fights as well."I resented him so much, and I always put the tough face on..'I can do anything' face, tried to play it off," she later explained to Sawyer. "Everything about him annoyed me, him being around me, him talking to me. That included what she felt was the stilted apology he'd delivered on You Tube. "I just didn't know if he understood the extent of what he did. I cannot continue to do this.'"By June, with reports that Rihanna would testify against her former love, Brown had accepted a plea deal, that consisted of five years of probation, community labor in lieu of jail time and domestic violence counseling.The thing that men don't realize, when they hit a woman—the face, the broken arm, the black eye, it's going to heal. Their relationship was firmly severed and all that was left were the dueling tell-alls.

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