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In practice, all six regional councils across the West Bank operate without authority, investing in the development of thousands of acres that belong to Palestinians, or in areas designated as military fire zones.

The investments are not limited just to upgrading springs or other tourist attractions lying on Palestinian land or in closed military areas.

The Civil Administration knows that the lack of law enforcement leads to the regional councils operating in many areas that are not under their jurisdiction, but it claims it has no authority to enforce the ordinance.In the Etzion Bloc, near the settlement of Bat Ayin, another spring called Ein al-Sajma (also called Ein Yitzhak) operates within private Palestinian land.In Samaria there are three springs located on private Palestinian land or in closed military areas, both of which are not under the jurisdiction of the regional councils there.They include providing infrastructure to illegal outposts lying within their jurisdiction, despite their being unauthorized to do so.Read more: How the Israeli army takes Palestinian land and hands it to settlers | Analysis That these regional councils operate outside their jurisdictions is not just a rhetorical or technical matter – this is their main instrument for providing municipal services, ranging from education to roads, to illegal outposts and to tourist attractions that are closed to Palestinians.

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“Their jurisdiction does not include closed areas or private land” says the Administration, “even if the area is included in maps defining the regional council’s jurisdiction.

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