How to block microsoft office 2016 from updating

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How to block microsoft office 2016 from updating

When I open any Office 2013 application, there is a yellow banner under the ribbon that literally shouts "GET THE NEW OFFICE It's one of the perks of having Office 365." There is an X at the right-hand end of the banner that allows you to dismiss the banner.

Unfortunately, the banner reappears every time I switch to a different email account in Outlook.

, the Office 2013 installation will be converted to Office 2016.

But not all users are ready to upgrade to a Office 2016 subscription.

A bug that stops any Office application dead in its track is quite serious; Office administrators and users who have not installed the patch yet may want to consider skipping it until the issue is resolved.

One Note 2016 users who require Sync may want to try installing the patch.

One has to wonder how a major bug like this one slipped through the testing cracks.

It is certainly possible that the bug is affecting only a tiny number of machines; Microsoft would have pulled the update, probably, if it would affect all Office installations it is installed on or the majority of them.

Double click on Enable Automatic Upgrade and choose Disabled, then click Apply and close the dialog.

Searching the web shows several forum posts (here) where users are complaining about this behavior and searching ways to block the notification.

A Microsoft forum moderator posted here a few details when and why the notification will be shown for Office 365 for business subscribers: Users who purchased an Office 365 for home subscription, such as Office 365 Home, seeing this notification, should upgrade to Office 2016.

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For Office 365 for business subscribers According to KB article 3097292 (How do I keep on running Office 365 Pro Plus 2013), Office 365 Pro Plus subscribers navigates in registry editor to the key: The key entry works also for Office 365 Business, which is the version of Office that comes with the Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium plans.

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