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Husband joins dating website

Oh, and to those who mentioned how devastating such a marriage is to many Jewish families -- I can vouch for that.

My paternal grandparents only chose to see me once, when I was a few weeks old.

Germany (Kingdom of Germany and Prussia) and Eastern Europe had a very rocky relationship -- Eastern Euros hated them with a passion.

Gosh, R31--what your post fails to mention is that 1) your source acknowledges Pew's findings are "much higher" than most previous research on the topic and 2) that the Pew survey's rate of Jews marrying within their faith is about the same as most of the other faiths--i.e. Tied with Evangelicals and Black Protestants and significantly lower than Catholics Mormons or Hindus. I'm the one who's stupid and filled with misinformation. I am African American and my father recently took a DNA test through an African Ancestry site (Dr Gate's organization).

Truth: as of 2001, 47% of marriages involving an American Jew were mixed marriages and the trend is toward intermarriage, not away from it.

In any event, for obvious reasons, I'm very glad my parents met and were married, for a time.

R58, my mother was black (she migrated to NYC from the south in 1951; years later, she and my dad met in The Village).

You cannot believe the pressure to do the right thing and marry a nice Jewish girl.

I'd like to see more recent stats because there has been a real push to marry within the faith - even for those only nominally Jewish. Oh, and get a sense of humor.r27, can your post be more stupid or filled with misinformation?

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That would be the last time my father saw his parents.

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