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There is no subterfuge, only raw and authentic reality.For example, Trace Adkins teases that, despite their differing economic status, high-class “Ladies Love Country Boys.” After contemplating this song, a shy college dropout mustered the nerve to ask out his attorney — and they’re now engaged!The economic mess is providing all the drama you need!If your partner pushes your buttons, take a breath and walk away.Communicate your feelings and fears — and focus on managing your money better.9. Appreciate your partner’s wonderful traits and let him or her know how glad you are to be together.

Replace a fancy vacation with a “staycation” at home, watching funny movies and laughing.

Return for discussion whenever you can share your views unruffled.6. Although you might once have deemed this state of mind “boring,” set your sights on a commitment to tranquility.

Recall and recapture TV’s fumbling Huxtable family that was funny and fun to watch. Invite your partner to be your sounding board and assistant problem-solver.

Playing board games, cooking together and comparing books are inexpensive ways to build a better marriage without spending a lot of money. Money problems force couples to deal with their finances as unit.

If you focus on creating financial abundance and paying off your debt, you’ll learn more about each other (if you work together, as a team! You have the opportunity to solve your problems , as a couple.5.

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