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Subscribers who reach this stage can still reinstate their Internet connectivity by calling Comcast.It’s unclear whether they have to take any additional action, but it could be that these subscribers have to ‘promise’ to behave.Subscribers will have to contact Comcast to request a quote for an Internet-less package.While this policy may sound harsh to some, Comcast has few other options if it wants to avoid liability.This means that terminated subscribers will need to find an Internet subscription elsewhere if one’s available.The good news is that other XFINITY services can be restored after termination, without Internet access.

This is not limited to regular access to the web, but also affects XFINITY TV, XFINITY Voice, and XFINITY Home, including smart thermostats and home security equipment.

In this light, it’s interesting to see that Comcast recently published details of its repeat infringer policy online.

While the ISP has previously confirmed that persistent pirates could be terminated, it has never publicly spelled out its policy in such detail.

We reserve the right to treat any customer account for whom we receive multiple DMCA notifications from content owners as a repeat infringer,” the company notes.

If Comcast receives multiple notices in a calendar month, the associated subscriber moves from one policy step to the next one.

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The alerts then have to be acknowledged by the user, so it clear that he or she understands what’s at stake.

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