Interoffice dating rules

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Interoffice dating rules

There are many different ethical situations that can be brought into play when two employees from within the same organization begin to involve themselves in an office romance.

One of the first unethical actions is if these two involved employees are knowingly breaking the company rule that strictly prohibits any such activity.

This will not stop any employees from dating; it will only cause them to hide from their employers.

The best advice I have ever been given is to avoid this touchy area between my company and personal is to never dip my pen into the company ink jar, and putting it this way was a way to make one never forget.

This is especially true when a subordinate and a supervisor enter into a relationship, because it becomes very hard to provide any evidence to show that the relationship was consensual due to the difference in power of positions.

There are tree common ways for an employer to address any potential sexual harassment claims that come from any dating in the workplace.

These employees know it is wrong to ignore company policies, but neither side is usually willing to vacate their position without having a solid commitment from their partner.

A relationship like this will put fellow employees in a position where they will have to make ethical decisions of should they inform their supervisors of the involvement of two fellow employees.

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The first way for an employee to handle workplace dating is to ignore the situation and hope that no employee will file a claim of harassment, and if they do then it will be addressed under the existing company harassment policy.

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