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What happened before the outburst that brought it on? " If you're too enmeshed in the situation to answer objectively, ask other people what they think.It's painful to talk about the intimidation tactics of narcissists because they worked well on me.The next time someone tries to intimidate me or cannot work through conflict non-violently, I'm going to tell him about my boundary, and if he crosses it again, I'm going to have to leave. wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. If I had known about them, maybe I wouldn't have been scared into submission and into not asking so many questions about what I now know was a very fucked up situation, a situation I now know I had every right to question.The first time I was truly scared of my boyfriend, I wrote him this email: date: Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at PM i burned my hand on the toaster oven about ten minutes ago.

You'll be manipulated into thinking you have something to do with his problem and hence can fix it, and you'll compromise yourself in trying to do so. Know that the narcissist's actions don't come from a place of strength, but from desperation.Remembering this can help you detach, take a step back, and allow him the space to have his fit on his own. You're going to feel frustration, fear, anxiety, but don't act from it or you'll get sucked in.Ask yourself the important questions, "Was this outburst appropriate?in the freezer, i found an old naked juice bottle that you had filled with water and forgotten there.i wrapped up my work holding it to my hand, and then went to watch the rain from my bedroom window.

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The rage, the reasons he gives you for it (which are not the real reasons), and the subsequent soothing become the focus, and he has successfully evaded your questions and made you forget that you even had them. Well, the first thing is to recognize it for what it is.