Is junhyung still dating hara platest dating site

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Is junhyung still dating hara

What was more shocking though was the 11-year age gap.

The relationship met up with some difficulties as Minah promoted in Korea while Son Heung Min worked in Germany.

For an hour, the two walked around the neighborhood and around the park before settling at the ‘Sky Park’ in Sangam-dong.

Seeing the two hold hands side by side was definitely a heartwarming sight for reporters on the scene.

With the latest couple "Kaistal" (Kai and Krystal) joining the Asian pop dating scene, we take a look at some of our fave couples that came forward to say they're dating AFTER the pictures were leaked XD 12.Junhyung is a human too, he doesn't LITERALLY belongs to B2uty, especially Jesters, so he is absolutely can make any decision for himself, he can love any girl he wants, and I'm totally happy to see him happy!!Dispatch caught on that IU was making pit-stops at indie singer Jung Kiha’s house upon landing in Seoul, and thus another couple was born.Recently, they naturally decided to stay friends.” Since last October, when their dating pictures were first released, Jonghyun has been going in and out of the country for a variety of concerts and Shin Se Kyung has been busy filming for her movies.Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss ) were selected as the new 2011 models for “Caribbean Bay.” Recently, some fans were privy to see the couple filming a CF for the water park in a beautiful waterfall setting.

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The K-Pop fandom was thrown into turmoil when news leaked out earlier, claiming that KARA‘s Goo Hara and B2ST‘s Junhyung were no longer a couple. For Kim Hyun Joong, it’s whether a girl can hold her liquor or not.

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