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Her most famous recent appearance was back in 2016 when Maureen appeared on Dancing with the Stars, where the actress placed 8th.

Since then Maureen has made a few cameo appearances, though she does not steadily work in the entertainment industry anymore.

However, while the show managed to change the lives of most of these stars, it has been nearly a decade since the final season which has left a lot of time for things to change.The model wanted to help other people looking to lose weight so released her own fitness DVD in 2009, but has most recently been seen in a music video for the rapper, Tyga.Toccara also runs her own women’s underwear company, for which she models herself.During this time we got to watch various celebrities on their journey, but this wasn’t without plenty of drama to keep us entertained.On the show, we saw walkouts, tears, success stories, and a few celebrities stray from the dieting path, but overall we got to see these stars overcome some of the biggest uphill battles they have ever faced.

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Were the celebrities able to keep the weight off, or did they gain it back and more?