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Is more sedating

This is a medical doctor who has completed three years of specialized training in anesthesia beyond medical school.A specially trained nurse called a nurse anesthetist may also administer general anesthesia.They can prepare children for medical imaging procedures.This can help decrease the child's stress and anxiety and even reduce or eliminate the need for sedation.Patients typically have no memory of what happened during general anesthesia. General anesthesia helps ensure your child will remain still for a successful exam.Sometimes, children with certain conditions cannot be given sedatives safely and require general anesthesia.Some hospitals employ certified child life specialists to provide children and families with emotional support in medical settings.These specialists have backgrounds in child development, psychology and counseling.

• Deep sedation/monitored anesthesia care Sedatives are drugs that reduce a patient's ability to feel and/or remember pain.

The patient breathes in anesthesia gases that are absorbed by the lungs and delivered via blood stream to the brain and spinal cord.

A patient who receives general anesthesia is usually under the care of an anesthesiologist.

It reduces the patient's ability to breathe without assistance and often requires the use of a breathing machine.

To deliver general anesthesia and maximize patient safety, a breathing tube or another airway device may be needed.

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It also depends on their age and developmental level, how much discomfort is expected and the advice of your physician who ordered the test.