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Fortunately, Windows 7 was good enough that most people let go on their own. Windows XP was also the first OS to seriously suffer from a major “good enough” problem that saw end-users refusing to update long after the OS had passed its prime.

This was partly a reaction to Windows Vista and partly the result of XP’s unusually long tenure.

The company shared few details on the update, but said that the flaw it discovered in its nearly 20-year-old operating system is so concerning that its impact without a fix could be similar to the Wanna Cry ransomware attack that saw people around the globe have their data encrypted and forced to pay cash to hackers to get it back."Any future malware that exploits this vulnerability could propagate from vulnerable computer to vulnerable computer in a similar way as the Wanna Cry malware spread across the globe in 2017," Microsoft said in a statement.

"It is highly likely that malicious actors will write an exploit for this vulnerability and incorporate it into their malware."Microsoft didn't want to reveal much about how the bug works because it could give clues to hackers.

In other cases, companies stick with Windows XP because they simply don't have the budget to deploy all new computers.

In still other cases, they don't know enough about technology and the impact poor security can have on their company to care.

That's because, in some cases, the mission-critical applications they use only work with Windows XP.

So like it or not, they're forced to stay with Microsoft's old operating system.

Initially controversial for its “candy” visuals, devoted fans of the OS were clinging to it with both hands by the time Windows Vista was mature, insisting they’d let go when God Himself reached down to pry their fingers off.But its description suggests that hackers exploiting the bug could take control of your computer, use it to encrypt your data and steal information, and ultimately force you to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars to get it back.The flaw might also allow hackers to use your Windows XP machine as a tool to disseminate malware and target even more machines.The venerable operating system’s last publicly supported variant — Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 — reached the end of its life cycle support on April 9, 2019.Prior to this point, it was still possible to use a registry hack to enable OS updates on still-operating versions of Windows XP Home and Windows XP Pro SP3, though Microsoft strenuously argued that users shouldn’t do this.

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Now, at first blush, you might be wondering why Microsoft would even care about Windows XP.

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