James franco dating cameron diaz

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James franco dating cameron diaz

Voting for the Razzies closes on 10 January and formal nominations will be announced on 14 January.

The Razzie awards launched in 1980 as a spoof of Hollywood's awards season.

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It makes absolutely no sense.[quote]Why would Franco sue, [R14]?

If he's gay friendly he wouldn't mind it if they called him gay.[/quote] Obviously, none of us here would personally know if he'd be offended.

The fallacy to your statement, r10, can be summed up in this question: Why would a closet case, if that's what Franco is, so openly dabble in queer theory and gay imagery if he was gay but trying to hide that fact?

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Who do you know anywhere who when they socialize "self identify as straight" and therefore we think they are gay? If you read the looong New York magazine profile of Franco from a few months ago, by a gay writer, you came away thinking this is likely a straight guy who is nonetheless interested in queer theory and homosexuality as an artistic subject.

That was clearly the conclusion of the article writer, himself a gay man who broached the "gay question" at length to numerous people who know Franco.

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“My house in LA was being redone, so I did this thing where I just stayed at the hotel, and she had been living there for a couple years,” Franco recalled.