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Arising from the postulate of insulin resistance (IR) as a pathophysiological link in diabetes, depression and dementia (“the 3 D’s”), we implemented a mating rodent model with high and low nurturing dams to study the lifespan effects of ELA on peripheral metabolic physiology, central glucocorticoid function and behavioral states.Methods: We devised a computerized setup to record and assess the maternal care provided by wild-type or heterozygous BDNF val66met (hets) dams on offspring which were screened for individual anxiety-like behavior at the light dark, peripheral markers of IR and central glucocorticoid function in adulthood, and subsequently assessed for memory function in later age.Both treatment groups demonstrated similar remission rates at 6-month follow-up with significant improvement in depression, anxiety, and overall clinical illness severity.Escitalopram with memantine treatment resulted in additional improvements in apathy, quality of life, and intermediate/delayed memory.The primary outcome was remission of depressive symptoms, defined as Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) scores of 6 or less for 3 consecutive weeks following initiation of treatment.Secondary measures included apathy, quality of life, and cognition.

Results: We find that offspring receiving low quality maternal care in the early life show peripheral IR in adulthood as suggested by increased levels of insulin, glucose and tryglicerides in comparison with offspring that received high quality maternal care.Our objective was to evaluate the efficacy of memantine augmentation of escitalopram treatment in elderly patients in improving clinical and cognitive outcome.Determine if unique gene signatures underlie escitalopram-memantine treatment response compared to escitalopram alone.This state of IR in adulthood is concomitant with increased expression of the mineralocorticoid receptors (MR) in hippocampus and corresponding anxiety-like behavior at the light-dark test in low nurtured offspring.Furthermore, low nurtured mice showed cognitive impairments in contextual memory at the Y maze in midlife, suggesting dementia-like symptoms, which were not apparent before.

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Maternal care was assessed on the basis of previously employed ethological parameters by analyzing in and out of the nest caring and self-maintenance behaviors.

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