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featuring Raphael Saadiq performed "Soul Food" Erotic novels by athletes; Hashtag the Panda rolls down the stairs; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Awkward Date; Pictionary (Jimmy Fallon & J. Kevin Bacon & Don Cheadle); Amy Sedaris returns item she stole from dressing room; Nick Jonas performed "Chains" Questlove and Tariq re-enact a scene from The Bachelor; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Deep Freeze; Gabrielle Union and Josh Duhamel sing various songs; Random Object Shootout (Gabrielle Union); Charlie Wilson performed "Touched by an Angel" Homeland Security Shutdown; Mark Kelley is a cool babysitter; Tonight Show Celebrity Whispers...; Sound-off (Ice-T); Ice-T does voice-overs; Sound-off (Andrew Rannells); Andrew Rannells and Jimmy performed "True"; Lupe Fiasco performed "Little Death" Tariq and Jimmy's Inner Thoughts; Couples' Quotes; Weekly Snapshot; Thank You Notes; Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy performed "Boot Scootin' Boogie"; Bubble Hockey (Josh Hutcherson); Abbi Jacobson does impression of SNL character; Tonight Show Truth or Truth (Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer) Tourism Slogans; Tim Cook Fun Time; Jimmy announces Hashtag the Panda stuffed animal, and Hashtag gives audience stuffed animals; Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy performed a medley of songs; Egg Russian Roulette (Ryan Reynolds); Kelly Clarkson performed "Heartbeat Song" Sylvester Stallone Phone Call; Kamal Gray advertises social faux pas; Jimmy advertises writers' book; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Watching Empire; Tonight Show Kids Letters; Jimmy reads Oscar cue cards; Gza with Tom Morello performed "The Mexican" Rabbit Quotes; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (appearance by Elwood Edwards, saying phrases; Two Really Fun Men help audience member have fun; Robin Braun administers oath to United States Navy Reserve, and makes Jimmy an honorary member of the Reserve); Danny De Vito and Jimmy eat cookies; Danny De Vito and Jimmy shoot troll foot video; Giant Beer Pong (Zoë Kravitz) People Articles; Scott Seymour; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Spring Break Raps; Hugh Jackman and Jimmy try on mullets; Musical Beers (Jimmy Fallon, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Mc Kinnon, Colin Jost, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman); Tiffani Thiessen brings Jimmy chocolate peanut butter bites; Hozier performed "Work Song" Wrestling Match Nicknames; Jimmy sorts out Dancing with the Stars confusion; Jimmy shows video of his daughter; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Celebrating St.

; Thank You Notes; Pictionary (Jimmy Fallon & Nick Jonas Vs.

; Tonight Show Pop Quiz: Father's Day Edition; Jimmy promotes his new book and gives audience the book; Thank You Notes (Regis Philbin does Thank You Notes); Tonight Show 5–Second Summaries (Vince Vaughn); Ryn Weaver performed "Promises" Questlove and Tariq re-enact a scene from The Bachelorette (appearance by Kaitlyn Bristowe); Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Going to Marijuana Camp; Tonight Show Kid Theater (Channing Tatum); X Ambassadors performed "Renegades" Bobby Jindal Poll Numbers; Jimmy and The Roots tell monologue joke; Hoverboard Tryout Quotes; Cat videos edited with Mitch Mc Connell hearing; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Email Fail; Tonight Show Head Shots (Mark Wahlberg); Morrissey performed "Kiss Me a Lot" Mark Rivera sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Going to a Donald Trump Campaign Rally; Le Bron James brings Jimmy shoes; Faceketballs (Le Bron James); Tonight Show True Confessions (Tina Fey & Amy Poehler); debut of first trailer for Sisters; OMI performed "Cheerleader" Politicians Try to Speak Spanish; Celebrity Tweets; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Chevy Chase and Jimmy play piano); Steve Higgins plays Charades; Norm Macdonald does impression of Johnny Carson; Jeremih featuring Flo Rida performed "Tonight Belongs to U!

" Donald Trump Book Titles; Emoji Film Test Scenes; Tonight Show #hashtags: #There ISaid It; Katie Holmes and Jimmy have spaghetti and meatballs; Say Anything (Katie Holmes); Lip Sing Battle (David Wain & Michael Showalter); Sage the Gemini featuring Nick Jonas performed "Good Thing" Donald Trump Book Chapters; Drunk Ron Weasley (Simon Pegg); Donn T.

Steve Higgins & James Marsden); James Marsden's first Instagram photo; Fetty Wap performed "Trap Queen" Football #6 Interview; Tonight Show Just the Facts; Jeff Bradshaw sits in with The Roots; Steve Higgins and Jimmy try Sean "Diddy" Combs' fragrance; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Mom Quotes; Tonight Show True Facts of Truth (Jane Fonda); Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jimmy have cocktails; The Vaccines performed "Dream Lover" Tonight Show Meme the News; Tariq's favorite guacamole; Thank You Notes; Bono gets on a bicycle for the first time since his injury; U2 busks in subway in disguise; U2 performed "Beautiful Day/Song for Someone" Barack Obama Phone Calls; The Roots tell Chris Christie jokes; Tonight Show Kid Letters (Steve Higgins and Jimmy try Vegemite, Jimmy dances with audience member); Charlize Theron tries Vegemite; Charlize Theron and Jimmy slip into something more comfortable; Charlize Theron does a bass riff; Death Cab for Cutie performed "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive" Deflategate Beat; Olive Garden Ad; Unlocking the Truth sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Having a "Dad Bod"; Jimmy promotes Snapple; Egg Russian Roulette (Anna Kendrick); Jimmy gives Terry Crews a USB drive with his Lip Sync Battle performance; Nate Ruess performed "Nothing Without Love" Where in the World Is Hillary Clinton?

Henson, Donald Trump); Anthony Anderson performed "The Greatest Love of All"; A Great Big World performed "Hold Each Other" Putting The Roots on the Spot with a Question; Micky Dolenz sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Fall Songs; The Ragtime Gals performed "##### Better Have My Money" by Rihanna (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt); Big Grams performed "Fell in the Sun" Tonight Show Screengrabs; Jimmy shows Rob Lowe's skin care products; Password (Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs Vs.Categories; Facebook Headlines; Thank You Notes; Queen Latifah and Jimmy performed "Bust a Move"; Gene Gene the Dancing Machine (Sam Rockwell); the cast of Something Rotten!performed a medley of songs Republican Music Video; Reviews for Legoland Hotel Resort; Jimmy acknowledges David Letterman; Hugh Jackman shows Jimmy how to eat Vegemite; debut of first Pan; Password (Hugh Jackman & Nick Offerman Vs.Jimmy Fallon & Rob Lowe); Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs do a cheer; Hozier performed "Jackie and Wilson" Rand Paul Campaign Ad; Democratic Candidate RSVPs; John Scofield sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (The Wolf Waker wakes audience members' wolves, Shaq's podcast, Black Simon & Garfunkel (appearance by Art Garfunkel) C-SPAN Quotes; Presidential Candidate Quotes; Tonight Show Pop Quiz: Comic Con Edition; Thank You Notes; Pictionary (Jeff Daniels & Nelly Vs.Whoopi Goldberg & Jimmy Fallon); Whoopi Goldberg brings Jimmy cookie dough; Nelly performed "The Fix" Debate Prop Bets; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Watching the First Democratic Debate; Four-way Air Hockey (Michael Strahan & Tony Gonzales Vs.

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