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Joe nichols is dating playboy model

Then I read the first scene where she gets wet, and I went: 'OK, this has got to be altered!A bra was sewn into the "Marilyn Monroe dress" she wore in the film.

I took several years of very highly structured dance classes for me to be able to control myself." Upon graduating in 1998, she enrolled at Columbia University in New York City, aiming for a career as a Wall Street analyst.

Todd and Glenn Kessler were developing the series, ultimately titled The Inside.

The pilot they produced did not satisfy studio executives, however, and Tim Minear was brought in to create a new pilot for the series in late September 2004, replacing the Kesslers as executive producer and showrunner.

I was like, 'No, I'm not going to read for this film.' I actually used the dogs in my audition to think of what would scare me the most." Nichols had a small part in the drama film Resurrecting the Champ (2007), playing the assistant to a sportswriter (Josh Hartnett) who believes he has found a former boxing legend (Samuel L. Also that year, Nichols had a bit part in the fact-based political drama Charlie Wilson's War (2007) and was cast in a new science fiction drama television series Them, Her first starring film role was in the 2007 horror–thriller P2, as a businesswoman who becomes trapped inside a public parking garage with a deranged security guard.

About the dress her character wears for much of the film, Nichols said, "When I read the script originally, it wasn't a dress, it was a small nightgown with no bra or underwear.

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In late February 2004, Nichols was cast in a starring role in a then-untitled drama pilot for the Fox Broadcasting Company (Fox).