John krasinski dating rashida

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John krasinski dating rashida

But that’s not to say that things came easy for the couple, as they experienced many twists and turns along the way — one of which came in season three when Jim found himself in a serious relationship with Karen Filippelli. The series would go on to try to create this scenario a number of times after season three — with Dwight, Andy, and Angela, then Michael, Jan, and Holly.However, none seemed quite as realistic or engaging as the complicated and often awkward relationship between Jim, Karen, and Pam.Apparently, Jones couldn’t stop laughing while trying to film a scene with Steve Carell.She said every take was different and that it was near impossible to keep a straight face.We get the first glimpse of this when he breaks up with Katy after bringing her on the company cruise.Later on, he ends things with Karen with no absolutely no warning yet again, which is far worse considering that she uprooted her life for him.

But when exactly Jim and Karen start dating is a bit on the fuzzy side.

However, Krasinski and Rashida Jones actually ended up dating each other for a time before fans were watching the fictional romance play out on screen.

When asked if it was awkward to continue to play a couple on The Office, Jones responded,.

Rashida Jones at the Jimmy Choo launch party in West Hollywood on November 2, 2009.

may have got us hooked with its off-beat jokes and cringingly accurate look at the nine-to-five grind, but it was ultimately the characters and their relationships with one another that kept us coming back for more.

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In fact, it's five years after the finale and many have continued to keep this NBC sitcom a part of their weekly routine thanks to online streaming.

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