Johnny weir yu na kim dating

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Johnny weir yu na kim dating

It’s easy to snicker about Weir being upset when Voronov defaced his favorite Birkin bag.Can’t you just picture him shrieking in horror, “NOT THE BIRKIN!!! TMZ obtained a very passive-aggressive email he sent to Voronoz last September to try to make amends after some fracas, rumored to be infidelity on Weir’s part, occurred between them. “If you decide to wreck things, please wreck cheaper things than Birkins,” Weir wrote.Kim has been admitted to Korea University, which she believes can best help her to continue her career as a figure skater.

TMZ writes that Voronoz sobbed uncontrollably as Weir split with their pooch.If someone ruined our leather handbag (Birkins typically retail for between K-25K), we’d cut a bitch. That’s more serious than some S/M playtime gone wrong.The now-notorious biting incident took place back in January and resulted in a domestic abuse charge that was eventually dismissed when Voronov decided not to press charges after all.It’s not as if anyone expected the divorce between publicity-loving figure skater Johnny Weir and his soon-to-be ex-hubby Victor Voronov to be less than super-dramatic, but it seems to be growing more bitterly unpleasant by the hour.When we last checked in there was a lot of “he said/he said” going on with Voronov claiming to be shocked that Weir filed for divorce, despite plenty of evidence it was coming.

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Kim won the senior national title on her way to the 2005 World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

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