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Kari ann peniche dating

More notoriously, she appeared in a “ naked tape” with actress Rebecca Gayheart and her husband, Eric Dane of Grey’s Anatomy.)His stock in trade is taking these minor and minor-minor celebrities—in addition to Peniche, porn star Mary Carey; former Guns n’ Roses drummer Steven Adler; Sean Stewart (son of Rod)—and making them, if not major, then less minor.His usually methodology is getting them cast on reality-TV shows that delve into the darker side of the American Dream: Celebrity Rehab With Dr.And we capitalized on that.”Sons of Hollywood, which starred Weintraub, Spelling, and the sweet but troubled Sean Stewart (Moonves wouldn’t let his son participate), didn’t make it past a single season, but it defined the business strategy that’s at the core of DWE Talent, the management-production company he formed 2008.Among his other clients are rappers like Scarface and Too Short; former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks; and Eggert, who credits Weintraub not just for getting her on Celebrity Fit Club, but on the cover of People last week, and shows like Extra and The Tonight Show.Because of what’s at stake—people’s lives—it’s a volatile business, made all the more so by people who have more than their fair share of demons. Let’s do it.’ So I put him and Mary Carey in the show.”Intertwined in salvation is, of course, fame, something that Weintraub—a former agent who grew up in Beverly Hills, where “Roseanne Barr was my best friend’s mom and Aaron Spelling was my other best friend’s dad”—understands all too well.“Yes, recovery is great.Weintraub does not always escape unscathed—he has had ugly falling-outs with clients who charge him with caring more about making good TV than a good life. But go recover not with a camera in your face, if you really want to do it,” he said.From an early start at Death Row Records at age 18, David Weintraub has gone on to create a lucrative business by funneling his damaged clients to shows like Celebrity Rehab.

Drew went from being this doctor that I could count on, and, like, if my client got sick or needed something, he’d be there, to being the TV doctor, who is like, ‘Make sure it’s the right angle.’ ‘Let’s make sure it’s the right look.’ ‘I don’t know if this is the right tone.’ And, I’m like, come on, dude.”(Dr.

Rather, they take a serious look at real problems, like drug addiction, and deal with them with the assistance of professionals.

Craziness, naturally, still ensues, but there is an undercurrent of genuine pain and, often, actual healing.

He just has a better game plan.”The engine that has been driving DWE, though, is people like Peniche, who reliably behave sensationally in front of cameras—one moment she’ll have a fit about being awoken for group therapy; another, she’ll throw a tantrum over whether her cigarettes are in a hard or soft pack.

Reformation does not seem to be in her immediate future.

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Eggert’s appearance on Larry King Live last night, to talk about the death of Corey Haim, her one-time boyfriend, was also Weintraub’s doing.“He works his buns off,” Eggert said of Weintraub.