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From a romance with one of her co-stars to a dalliance with a director, Stewart’s love life has been widely reported on.Now, Stewart seems to be more open to talking about her dating history after she has been linked to women.Still, they kept their relationship mostly under wraps and rarely talked about each other to the media.

PHOTOS: Kristen Wiig's best moments on Saturday Night Live Wiig has typically been tight-lipped about her personal life, though she did credit the rocker with enriching her life in an August 2012 cover story.Following her coming out, Stewart said that she realized her private life affects “a greater number of people,” and that opening up is an opportunity to make “even one other person feel good about themselves.” Although Stewart and Maxwell have experienced their fair share of bumps in the road (including a recent, brief split) the two seem committed to making it work.Kristen Stewart has typically been pretty private about her personal life, including who she’s dated.The star is not keen on the media but the media is definitely still interested in who she’s dating.Her relationships have certainly been pretty high-profile over the years.

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Maxwell and Stewart have been in a happy relationship since sometime in 2016.

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