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Landmark education dating

I dont want to cut her out of my life but if she tries to shove this down my nephews minds im gonna flip my shit. The first portion of what you said sounded somewhat like a time share meeting or one of those shitty energy drink promo programs that they manipulate college students to take part in. Call me the day of your meeting, and I'll let you know if I'm free."She said "Yeah, don't worry about it. After a while they convinced my parents that me and my brothers needed to join their teen meetings.

Does anybody know anything about this organization? I try to find the good in everything but this whole thing creeps me out. A long-time friend tried to drag me to a Landmark meeting. If you can come, that's great, but it's not a big pressure thing. I'll call that morning, so you can tell me if you're up for it."Abut a week later, that morning comes along, and she calls and I said I had a couple of things to attend to, so I couldn't come. All angry and yelling that I had "promised" to come. Thankfully I was in the peak of my snarky defiant puberty and the buzzwords and podium style preaching struck me as very Church/AA-esque and I immediately tuned it out.

Here is a list of other top brands on that site:* The Big Lebowski * Apple Inc.

They play heavily on everyone's fear of missed opportunities and get a lot of people to sign up on the spot.

Myself being eager to explore any new way of thinking about life I did sign up not because of the marketing.

I wont get into any specifics unless it will help any opinions, but in short she has abandoned a lot of what I know is her. But only if I can leave whenever I want without a word being said to me, and if I leave, I get a "your meeting sucked so bad I left" bonus of 0. My parents got pulled into that cult when I was younger and fell head over heels for their bullshit "everything is meaningless" take on reality.

Here are a few things: I told her im uncomfortable with this but we just end up arguing.anyways coupled with with her history of not being able to be financially responsible and a slew of bad breakups, I think shes in a very vulnerable spot and its capitalizing on her both mentally and financially. They throw out buzzwords and try to rope you into "fixing your life" by targeting people who are struggling and convincing them that if they just give up there money and time they too can be fixed.

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