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Laws regarding backdating checks

The maximum jail sentence for misdemeanor forgery is one (1) year..for felony forgery, it's three (3) years!

The exception is forgery cases where the forged document is a check, money order, or similar instrument that is worth nine hundred fifty (0) or less.

The court can include a provision in the order saying that it retains jurisdiction to hear any motion requesting a modification of the existing award.

There’s no specific formula for calculating temporary support awards.Courts prefer to include a specific ending date in the spousal support order, if possible.The judge may also maintain jurisdiction—meaning the right to make decisions—over the support issue, in order to allow the judge to review the order and decide whether it should continue as is or be modified or terminated. Permanent spousal support isn’t always really permanent.The court must use its discretion, taking into account each spouse’s earning capacity and other resources while the divorce is pending.Ohio law sets out fourteen factors for a judge to consider when one spouse is seeking an award of spousal support.

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A good forgery defense lawyer can help you use those facts to assert legal defenses that can help you beat the charges.

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