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This is done through a system of rules that track and adjust the shareholder’s stock basis.

While there are differences, the S corporation basis system is similar to the rules that apply to partnerships.

If the S corporation distributes appreciated property to a shareholder, the corporation must recognize gain as if the property were sold to the shareholder at fair market value.

Liquidating distributions are not governed by the normal S corporation distribution rules.

This means that the normal distribution rules of Section 1368 do not apply to liquidating distributions.

If the shareholder has multiple bases in her stock, the exact amount of the gain or loss will depend on whether there are single or multiple liquidating distributions.

Any remaining assets including bank accounts, real estate, furniture and all other assets are liquidated and divided according to ownership share percentages.

If no assets remain after debts are paid, the shareholders don't receive any money from the liquidation. The returns are the same as annual returns, however, there is a box at the top of the tax form asking if this is the "Final Return." Make sure this box is checked to prevent future issues of non-filing of tax returns.

By contrast, liquidating distributions are treated as though the shareholder had sold her S corporation stock to the S corporation in exchange for the distribution from the S corporation. Note: Since the ordinary distribution rules do not apply, the S corporation’s accumulated earnings and profits or accumulated adjustments accounts do not determine the character of the distribution.

Dissolving any corporation, including an S corporation, requires filing the proper forms with the same state and federal agencies that you used to start the corporation.

Properly dissolve the S corporation to avoid future legal and financial issues resulting from incomplete paperwork. Confirm with all state tax and registration agencies to ensure that you are completing the proper paperwork in the proper order.

This helps ensure that the shareholder only benefits once from reductions in income earned by the S corporation.

Like C corporations, S corporations recognize no gain or loss on a distribution of cash to its shareholders.

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