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toi-vcyasvjlng atten-led to promptly.^ ^^^ COUKT EOLSE .

-A choke ts-or'-mei.t of V.'iues Liquors, .-^c^'or.x, and St.

i a long a savoa ot artillery ;;reeied her fro'ii the In oar intercourse wiih iho press, wc „,iv, r M«in wh-i^h he nfft^r^ to «;ell 1 k u • «-'«'aie.s a id small prcfits. j G.j Qoral was taken to his carii,ige (the Give him a call and satisfy yourself j carri^-ges had jome on in advance mean- thai L^enry caunot bo uadcrsoid in the , time)' The rest of the party were soon ^'''■-'. Politically the "Herald"' will be known as a Democratic organ, and devoted to the interest of the good old democratic party, as we believe that it is the otly party on which the American people cai rely ft r the protection of these princi- plea which were handed down to us from of tiii.s, for they are well known was in attendance, aud discoursed some B E A r T T. will, for the ■like of (■ufif-riig humanity, teid fre- to all t^-ho Oped it, tlip recipa nnd directions for lua Kirgtha *impte leiuedy by wbich he wiis cur- S SPEECH.

also comjs out this week i through several streets, they drew up at wiili :tn advenisemcot, and as they j the Merchants Hotel where an iiumeuse one of the oldest firms in the County, crowd was waiting 10 see the Genera L we cannot add much to the rep Htation The iplendid band ot the Ljth Kesulars jeott. of ill jmrchii Bcr^ will be register- ed, and if eiitiiesati'i'n i.'ivcu^ Doliiltiy, Pi piuniurf Decay and all the HTects of yourhlul i^dl^cteti«.n. We call the attention ot our farmers 1 man made his appcrance on the t Daiconv equal justice to all men.

Pt\ choiiioi e, gu.irauiecs to produce a life-hke «« i)ry . you will tceivc the picture and desired in- r.., 40 formation by rctirn mail.

While in a Corn Um U •UW 01 truiico, ^be del uoaie- the verv feat urea jjgjg .^0 of ih« peiou \ ou are to m iry, and bv the aid h»v 10.00 ot »u instrument of intense power, known «• toe Hidei— Qreen.... , plcureof the luiuro huabaud or wife ufiheap- •mploxiou, aud encloaing 60 Potatoes. ctius uud s umped i uvelope uddressed to your- Ponltrj 19^15 aelf.

:nfprr-»l flpnora] CV-p the administration of ijovcrnment, and .»• n 1 .

The , • , strceis throu 'h which the proc-esdioo imposed upon one not aocu I ;o ^^.,,^.j ^^.^ linei with trees temopanly editorial duties.

VOLUME 4 CHASKA, MINNESOTA, SATURDAY, JUNE 2d, 1866, NUMBER 39, Olio Lslio X I^eretlcl Pcblabttil «^cry ^ii tartliv)' niorutng, »t Cha«ka Curvvr Couiiir, Aiiua, HY F.

' [ ubiictitiou of leg Hl rutice^ bo furu Ubcd, wllhoiil p*iym«nt ol" lliu ju^t Ucttluiu tee.

1 I .1, D X , i iroto Ik'iiiicpitj crn\ is in n fiourij-h- 80 capitaly illuslratcd by the Prjf. The yearling t« grey sor- 01 tho icuiale form ^us practised by "he French,) ^j^ ,^.4,1, „ f^^ white hairs in forehead, cdu iuj; tho bust to g ow «ovy^M,0. To do this sue- cessfully we rely upon 'he support i.t our ber bearin - the H.

I aiu sorr B of a bright bay bas er ; now i.' piouuce tiie lu Ucst developmcut ^^^ ,tar in forehead. bef(re which the procession aim to advocate measures which shall i^,,j,..j ^„j f^^^ f^^ n.oiiien's chanted tend to the developement of the vast re iource8 of oar settlement and real estate have 1 eru made at gutislac tor; prices U,,.. the rliristian rcluioii wc nuliced a uum i ^^^\'^^- our busioc BS men .

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