London review of books dating

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London review of books dating

But then you remind yourself that the spirit of Scrutiny lives on.

In terms of austere literary seriousness, there is currently little to match the London Review of Books. The occasion is being marked with its entire archive going free to subscribers online.

Reading the LRB can feel like peeking into an exclusive literary society; but the readership is much larger – 48,000 is the most recent figure – and more wide-ranging and mischievous than one might imagine.

The personal ads at the back have a cult following.

Mantel’s account of her life as a social worker in the Seventies was quietly devastating; it demonstrated that, despite the failings of today’s social services, things used to be worse. We like her.’’ Neat, small, elegant, with a sharp bob, Wilmers’ appearance is as crisp as her words.

These days, the Arts Council contributes a certain amount; but Wilmers is the majority shareholder.

This arrangement confers a rare independence on the publication, and considerable editorial freedom for its editor.

I think that’s a healthy debate to have and I don’t see why it can’t be had.

If we were writing something similar about Peru, people wouldn’t say you were anti-Peruvian.’’ Wilmers has been editor since 1992.

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The classics don and regular contributor Mary Beard, among other LRB commentators, gave her thoughts on the atrocities, and wrote that there was a feeling that ‘‘the United States had it coming”. American academics, vociferously led by Marjorie Perloff of Stanford, boycotted the LRB. It was Marjorie Perloff and her gardener,’’ Wilmers says lightly. But the LRB’s stance on the Middle East has always been uncompromising.

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